Heed the Label: Opioid Overdose Prevention

Print, Digital, Social, Campaign Site

This campaign, created for the One Show Young One's Social Brief, aims to raise awareness of the opioid overdose epidemic. Our idea focuses on the first important step of avoiding addiction: following the label closely. 

Art Director: Ning Zeng

Copywriter: Victoria Pla

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Our YouTube execution shows an ad for a chain saw, with a fake skip button. When viewers click the skip button, they will actually be brought to this message.




The Snapchat/Instagram installment stops users from being able to mindlessly tap through our message.




We want to insert our message right into the heart of a consumer's "click-click-buy" habit. When buying a product with a warning label, such as a hair dryer, users will be offered the chance to read the label. If they click no, they will be brought through a series of messages.




All of our executions will bring consumers to our campaign site. Here, they can learn more about our innovative pill bottle that aims to control and schedule pill consumption.